Information leaflets

How women experience and men minimize domestic violence

This publication provides a glimpse of how men and women experience the same acts of domestic violence.

What you can do if you become a victim of domestic violence?

This leaflet provides legal information for victims of violence.

Patriarchal violence

This publication summarises the concept of patriarchal violence, violence against women, LGBT people and violence perpetrated in the name of honour.

What the elimination of women’s inequality demands from men

This publication contains 12 tips what men can do in their relationships for equality.

What is prostitution?

This publication shows that prostitution is neither sex, nor work but a form of violence against women.

Verbal violence

This publication deals with verbal violence in intimate relationships.

Myths about abusive men

This publication dispels the most common myths about abusive men.

Statistical Data on Intimate Partner Violence

This publication surveys the statistics that reflect the fact that the majority of the victims of domestic violence are women, while the majority of perpetrators are men.

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